UPDATE: DM Coming out SOLITUDE with DF - MERGING Into Divine Union - Twin flame reading / Soulmates

Weekly Oracle Reading (focusing on Divine Soulmates & Twin flames) for the week 6/10-16/2018

Cards in this Reading


Many times, we all find ourselves needing to be away from the world and from people in general, we all get there and we all find ourselves wanting to be alone and just gather our thoughts to reflect on what we need to do.

The divine masculine is holding back from opening his heart, in solitude and we see this quite often.

Maybe there’s that relationship that you are involved with and this person just doesn’t seem to want to communicate; it’s a part of reflecting on thoughts and letting go to move forward.


Divine masculine wants to listen and he’s hearing you but he’s not listening because he is in his own little world; you may be hearing what your inner voice is telling you, that your divine partner is listening to you but they’re not responding because they seem to be in total solitude.

But they do hear you and divine masculine is starting to listen, to understand the next step in order to come together.


There’s a divine feminine, she doesn’t know what to say, she’s lost and she’s just been lost and she’s been hurting for a long time now.

She is getting to the point where she’s actually in the solitude too, like I mentioned about the previous card that she’s actually allowing the energies that she has moved on from and flashes from the past are coming to her.

She needs to stop looking at these things and start moving forward.

Come together:

There is a divine union that is emerging and starting to blossom. If you are separated, you may not see it or understand why things went the way they did and when are they going to come together?

This is something that is about to occur, in divine timing and if you allow it and if you give in to what love is in your heart, you’re going to see it and you have to believe in trusting in yourself, but these things are all about working on yourself along with your divine partner working on themselves, simultaneously so both of you come to your divine union.

Cards Used: Enchanted map by Colette Baron-Reid

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