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🔥TWIN FLAMES Reading🔥DM breaks free of Fear/Anger issues ❤️ Rebirth & New Beginnings with Love

A lot of emotions are happening for both divine masculine and feminine. They both are feeling intense energies towards each other along with looking at past emotional experiences.

The divine masculine is starting to see how much they need to change their life & situation, and stop looking at everything so drastic, start opening up to a new beginning and forgive themselves for anything that they’ve been holding onto. Letting go of old past wounds.

Divine masculine and feminine both are preparing for a new beginning and changes. We’ve been seeing a lot of energy over the last few weeks with intensity. There has been a pattern with opening up past wounds as they are worried about the future when it comes to their spiritual path. Yes we all need to be concerned but not quite where it overwhelms us. This is where you need to trust the process no matter what is happening; this is all part of your soul journey. Constantly wondering, are they doing the right thing or should they be doing something else? This is all unnecessary worry.

The divine feminine needs to take it one step at a time and start opening their eyes to what they feel in their hearts and stop looking at past experiences just as the divine masculine. The ultimate goal is coming to Union, but cannot if they’re still holding onto something that no longer serves a purpose.

New beginnings with love are about to emerge as they both prepare for the union.

Attracting positivity and love will automatically help you heal and get past any obstacles you may be facing. Just focus on yourself.

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