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Twin flames: Full Moon Amplifies Emotional & Spiritual Energy

It’s a very powerful full super moon in Sagittarius.

It is the last full moon before the solstice and is it time for self-reflection, emotional releasing and purging.

It will be in the astrological sign of Sagittarius, it carries the fire element of energetic attunement. It doesn’t matter what astrological sign you are, the emotions during this full moon will run high. It can be felt three days prior and post of a full moon. Many times energy can trigger off feelings that can be lingering on for several days.

It also intensifies the energy when it comes to love and relationships.

It’s important to pay attention to your emotions during this time and can have a tendency to bring up past old wounds.

Try to be gentle on yourself and with others.

It’s very crucial to release and surrender unwanted energy during this intuitive full moon in Pisces. The Pisces Neptune energy healing can help rebalance and open the heart to forgiveness and letting go of anything that has been held back or at a standstill.You may also experience a feeling that your moods are constantly changing. Being aware that you can be triggered and stirred up what’s the smallest thing. Being mindful with your friends and family is the key. It is a great time to reestablish and focus on your goals.

This is beneficial for divine counterparts that include Soulmates and Twin flames, who have been going through difficulties with reconnecting. This is a time they can reflect and open to their inner truth.

It’s a perfect time to release old layers from parts of our soul, just as Summer/Winter settles in.

It helps us prepare for rebirth and new beginnings during the secret time. This is the time to focus on the light inside you and start planting positive seeds to open yourself to a new beginning and start fresh.This full moon is packed with opportunities and changes. In a love relationship, it can be an extremely intense feeling, as the energy is much higher than in any other type of Soul connection. This includes Soulmates and Twin flames connections. Being aware that many relationships go through a very intense cycle during this time. It’s time to let go of certain negativity.

This many times can awaken past old wounds that need to be healed.During this time it’s best to avoid any deep discussions that can lead to an argument with somebody close to you. Reflect more on the current area that may need your attention instead of digging deep into something from the past.

It is an excellent opportunity for spiritual and psychic enlightenment and that includes giving or receiving a psychic tarot reading.

A reiki treatment, healing, meditations, and also charging and cleansing your crystals.

With all the full moons. This opens a new door and it gives you the opportunity to release and surrender.

It's the best time to declutter and let go of anything that is dysfunctional or any type of energy that you may have accumulated. It’s important that you don’t allow your energy to get fearful or doubtful with things you may be hearing outside chatter.

Being compassionate is the key to staying grounded during this time.

The full moon will ignite a powerful intuition. Along with spiritual messages that you may be hearing from within. Listen to your higher self to the messages that are coming through. This is a time of harvest and grounding.It’s a great time for self-care as you slowly whine down from the Spring/Autumn activities and prepare for the summer/winter solstice.

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