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Psychic Energy Love Readings

Focusing on Love & Light Energy


My mission in life is to make sure that my gift is a positive force in the World. I believe that along with my gifts & abilities, I will do my absolute best and be there for all who are in need of spiritual advice.

I have dedicated my life to help people around the World with my psychic spiritual gifts, however I will never impose my personal beliefs with spirituality on others. I am a Christian and know that these gifts from the divine. Therefore I do not practice or work with dark energies, black magic, voodoo, Santeria..Etc…


I have a mission to help everyone with soul guidance on all matters of life. Though, I do find that love relationships are usually a main and special concern, especially with Soulmates, Twin flames, Twin Souls, Twin Rays and Karmic past lives connections. 

Love & Relationships can create an energy of happiness or sadness, by understanding and knowing our true path with our love life.  


I have more than one Psychic ability and spiritual gift, such as:

  • Clairvoyance - Inner seeing, picking up situations that are about to occur and how to avoid obstacles (if it's meant to be revealed and corrected by the Divine)

  • Clairsentience - Receiving energy messages through feelings and emotions (empathic; this is also a form of Clairsentience)

  • Clairaudience - Spiritual way of receiving  and hearing intuitive messages without using the physical ear (similar to tuning into a radio station)

  • Claircognizance - This ability to know and understand something without facts.  


I'm empathically psychic, I am able to see and feel energies that are currently happening in your life – past, present & future.  

I offers wide psychic readings, soul coaching and spiritual services. 


My readings include psychic & energy readings, Tarot - Oracle and Angel card readings, Soulmate Twin flame readings. I am also a Reiki Master & Healer and do offer guided meditations (over the phone) with spiritual energy clearing, soulmates & twin flames along with chakra balancing.


I will help give you the understanding of what happened in the past, gain spiritual strength for the present and help you make the positive choices that are right for you for the future.

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