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Soulmates & Twin flame Connections

I have received so many questions about Soulmate, Karmic and Twinflame energy connections, trying to find out what really are the differences between them all.


Basically they are all spiritual but not all soul connections are the same, each soulmate connection that enters in our lifetimes will serve a purpose. This has been a topic I've researched for years; my mission being to help you understand the potential of a soul connection you share with your partner.


At the moment, I am in the process of writing my first book "What are Soulmates". This last one will contain complete informations along with stories of soulmates and Twinflames experiences.


Soul mate is a term that has been commonly overused, not clearly understood. Many people think that there is one soulmate in our life, for our all life. In reality, there are more than one that we have in our life and some of them share a connection from a past life. Most of the time, Chakra's need to be balanced.


Not all Soulmates are meant to be lovers, this again is a choice. We meet up with different types of soulmates, Twinflames, past lives connections (Karmic).

They are meaningful soul relationships that can teach us to spiritually grow, in many ways. The ongoing journey for true love and for your perfect soulmate is a challenge, but not as difficult if we don't set out looking for it. We would all like to think that a love relationship is the one and often, we analyze it and want it to be more; creating anxieties and giving ourselves innacurate timeframes.


The different types of Soul connections are Twinflame or Twinsoul, Companion Soulmates, True Soulmates and karmic (past life) connections.They all relate to the same group of  Soulmate connections, spiritually all equal but each one holds a different purpose in our life. Here is an example; you may know a friend going thru almost the same relationship experience as you, but it doesn't mean it's the same type of soulmate connection. Determining a soulmate connection can be difficult, even when the situation appears the same. I've learned in my researches that they may closely resemble to other connections but in fact can be totally different.


Karmic energy serves a purpose to manifest of balance and harmony. Twin flames are together from the beginning, sharing a challenging destiny. Twinflames are like real twins that are born from one egg. Twin flames come from the Same soul source and this is a different connection than other soulmate connections. Indeed, Twinflames are from only one soul energy source. Very similar to twins that are separated, they connect after years and they find have the same tastes, looking almost the same.


Twinflames born from one spirit can unite physically in a 3rd Dimension. Even if they spend many lifetimes together or others apart, their bond and tie remains eternal. Once they re-unite with their Higher Self, they can be together forever.


I know that it may sound like the perfect match made in heaven but there is also a very thin line with Twinflames, as beautiful and perfect they can be, this can turn out to be the total opposite. Before birth, you are meant to meet up with your Twin flame. Knowing that all your life, you have to prepare and go through sometimes negativity and chaos to be joined with your twin flame; it is a true blessing to meet with your Twin Flame ... it's actually a 50/50 that you two will meet.


For a Twinflame connection, you need to be strong enough to risk your heart and soul, fearing that the beautiful dream may be shattered at any given moment. Twin Flames are together as they become as one. They are the mirror image of the other, they think alike, they can hold the same type of values and their lives are similar. No matter if you are meant to be with your Twin Flame in this life or not, it will happen when the time is right, never go out seeking for this type of soulmate connection.


I highly recommend you read or watch books and movies of this type of soul connection. The 1998 movie called "What dreams may come" (staring Robin Williams) was created about the Twinflame and soulmate connections. This movie is a classic and the general meaning of Twinflames was mentioned many times. There are many lessons to learn with soulmates and learning to feel unconditional love with someone can be a challenge.


Soulmates share deep feelings for one another (both positive and negative) in a romantic and non-romantic relationship. There is always a strong bond, they may go years with no contact and always wondering of why did my soulmate or twinflame entered my life, having the hopes to reconnect. A Soul mate connection is a different type of energy from a twinflame connection. Yes we have only one twin flame and we do have many Soulmates; Soulmates can be life partners, our kids, close friends or anyone who influences you in your life creating an impact in your life.


Companion type of Soulmates are usually the most common soulmate connections; they are always trying to develop the balanced chakra energy and they are here when you need them the most. They are the most harmonious, not as intense as a Twinflames. They can accomplish great things as well as a life partnership. These types of connections resemble Twinflames based on romantic love; they can learn to live for years together as a peaceful relationship. They are the other types of soul mates who come together for a specific reason by making an impact of energy in our lifes.


Many cases ending in  separation, marriage, finding out later on that there is a true reason for it all. Keep in mind that not every relationships are soulmates or Twinflames and when there is a spiritual or karmic tie, it can make it the strongest impact of all. It often begins with feeling that there is an unfinished busines, that something has not been completed, always having the need to reconnect with that person. A soulmate energy wants to be free and balancing of  chakras are due to past lives. Even when they are difficult, karmic soulmates main goal is to achieve a self-mastery with their spiritual paths together.


Karmic soulmate connection is also attached with a direct meaning, we have some karma from a past life to deal with, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is negativity or bad karma; there is also good karma as well. 


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