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About Ann

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I am a Scorpio (the sign of spirituality) and always had a huge curiosity for the mysteries of the unknown and the paranormal with spirituality. I was 5 years old when I first felt the energy of others and realized at 9 years old that I had a spiritual gift to visualize events before they actually happened.

I feel blessed to use my gifts and abilities to guide soulmates to a clear path, opening spiritual realms. During a psychic reading with me, you have the power of choice in accepting the truth as given to you, under positive or negative circumstances. As a Christian believer, I do not practice love spells, magic or anything to do with darkness. I feel that with all religions, we are connected (I do not judge those who believe in this type of practice), searching for the higher Love & Light.

I believe that things happen for a reason and some things can not be explained to us for our highest good but understanding that GOD has a master plan for all of us. Free will has be given to us, to make our own decisions in life but sometimes spiritual guidance is needed.

My time frames are seasonal, free will and negative impulses can shift or change the outcome of certain situations. Sometimes we must experience our own personal lessons in our life in order to bring our karma to perfection.

I've studied and researched Soulmate connections for over 10 years and have helped many to understand the truth and meaning of the different types and why we have many soulmates that enter throughout our life times.

I advise you to please read my article about Soulmate & Twinflame Connections before your reading to help you get a better understanding with all soulmate connection. Channeling thru my own spirit guides, I will give you the spiritual energy of the people around your situation as well as the messages you need to know as they are given to me thru visions. I will help you discover the true spiritual purpose of your current (or last) relationship and the full potential future. Please be advised that you must have an open mind. Sometimes the truth may not be what you want to hear; I will tell you the way it is and how to avoid the obstacles, to know the consequences that may be involved and the changes needed for a positive outcome.


Anne is experienced for over 20 years now, helping people around the world. Her specialties and Spiritual gifts will give clarity and answers with love relationships, reuniting and finding soulmates. Sometimes life and love are just not that easy and you can't help who you fall in love with or what life throws you, but I make it easier for you to talk to me about it. Just by hearing your voice, I will tune up on your past, present & future.

I will help to balance the energy around you, for more Success in Love, Career and a better relationship over all; sometimes all you need is a direct path to positive light.

I will help you to learn what is needed to greatly enhance YOUR life, together we will find find a positive light and energy. Imagine knowing the true thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions of those who are important to you. I am not a mind reader and no one can actually predict the true meaning of life or what is our purpose, only God has that answer.

I channel the Angelic energy to help you see the true meaning of white light. You will learn to avoid the serious and negative things that waste time and ruin your relationships. Sometimes things do happen that can not be predicted, but knowing the situation better can help bring you peace and understanding to it's true purpose to better life. I will Reveal the Deepest most Intimate Emotions of the Heart and anything else you want to know.

Knowing which path to follow WILL increase your Over-all Success!

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