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Twin flames healing starts with loving yourself.

Twin flame/Soulmate in Chaser and Runner Stages. A painful time of separation for divine counterparts. Twin flames healing begins with solitude in order to heal and surrender emotional detachment from old past wounds. This is all part of the separation, and it feels as if you’ve been completely ripped apart and something cannot be replaced. This part of the process in order to let go of dysfunctional energies in order to merge as one with your divine counterpart. When Twin flames first meet, they find themselves looking in the windows of the Soul in each other’s eyes. Twin flames healing is a magical and mysterious time for both Twin flames. There is a magnetic force that is pulling them constantly together as one. One Twin may get scared and run because of their own fear of seeing their true self in someone else’s eyes. This is part of the release and healing that needs to take place. The Chaser feels left into an emotional withdrawal, feeling as if they did something wrong. There are different types of stages with both Twin flames and Soulmates prior to divine union, as they understand one another and come to an alignment. The soul journey can sometimes be very complicated but actually is part of the process to reach the 5D. Perfect alignment is not just with our Twin. But it is actually within ourselves. As we’ve become balanced to who we are and what we need to do for ourselves in the future. Union is all about healing as you awakening to your inner truth. There is shadow work that is done during the healing process. Waking up your inner child will allow you to become your authentic self with your Twin. In this process, you will experience love, sensitivity, and happiness in essence by looking at everything with adult eyes. Twin flames realize their true purpose. Whenever we bring up past all memories, there can be sadness and along with sadness, there is hurt and sometimes pain. It’s a surrender process that both Twin flames must go through. Learning about who you are and letting go of ego can help you correct mistakes and start over. This is necessary in order to grow and evolve in this World that we live in. When we are holding onto unnecessary anger and insecurity it causes you to self-sabotage your own true happiness. Let go of past old patterns and starting fresh is the first step to healing and coming to an alignment with your Twin. Forgiveness and also forgive yourself. Forgiveness is a vital and important part of your healing. Holding onto grudges is never a good thing, and nobody can tell you what to do. This is something that you need to do in order to heal and move forward. You can’t find love if you’re still holding onto negativity. Everyone has a past, but this is a time to release negativity that you are still holding onto. It prevents you from shining your true light from within. Lifting your soul vibration, as you keep it to a higher level in love. This automatically accelerates the process of bringing love and happiness into your life. Focusing on yourself and knowing that you did nothing wrong, you did not cause anything that created the Runner & Chaser phase. This will help accelerate everything that you have from within, to externally shine your light to whoever you meet. Attracting positivity and love will automatically help you heal and get past any obstacles you may be facing. Just focus on yourself.

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