Twinflames Energy Reading - DM opening Heart to Love - Healing & Grounding 9/1

Feeling alone:

Many times when we’re feeling alone, we blame ourselves for the reason why we are alone, when it has nothing to do with us but actually a part of healing and reflecting on what we need to do in order to empower your soul center so that we can be complete and united with our divine partner.

This is a time not to think about why things haven’t come through and gone the way you wanted to. The divine masculine is reflecting and thinking back on a lot of things that is occurred and wants to make changes but is afraid to take that step.

Listening with your heart:

If you’re not allowing Love to enter in your spirit, you’re not going to feel complete, you’re not going to feel like yourself and this is actually a stubborn energy because of previous relationship experience. You’re trying to get closer to this person whom you may not be listening with your heart, because you’re not giving your heart a chance to speak from what is it within.

Love heals fear

Divine feminine is healing, she’s going through a healing phase, this is the main reason why she’s been caught up with emotional drama, along with emotional insecurities. She’s tired and feels like she’s being bullied to the point of being pushed in the corner. People around her are not getting it and she is feeling insecure with herself. Sometimes you may allow people to have the upper hand over you while they try to dominate your energy.


It’s important to ground yourself and explore your roots in order to find your true center and inner peace. Just like I’ve explained in the last video, that is the case for me and I felt like there’s a calling in France for me, I’m in the south right now.

You can watch my previous video for the full message but when there is something out there and you’re drawn to it, this is a calling to you that you need to explore your roots, go deep really deep because guess what, that’s the only way you’re going to ground your self and find your inner peace and serenity.

The Divine feminine needs to find where she stands in this relationship and the only way that she can start is within herself. It’s important to reflect, meditate and focus on the love that you have in your heart.

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