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🔥TWIN FLAMES READING🔥DM Releases old wounds ❤️Healing & Transformation begins❤️Ready start over

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💖This reading is a love reading focusing on Divine counterparts (including Soulmates, Twin flames & all spiritual love relationships) Reading Summery: Take off your mask, patience, self-sabotage, new beginnings.

The combination with Mercury retrograde ending and the full Moon in Virgo gives the divine masculine the opportunity to prepare and start over again.

As the energy starts to shift, the DM starts to release the superficial layer, letting go of dysfunctional behavior patterns. The divine masculine prepares to open the door for new possibilities and ready to stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging.

Have faith, transformation, patience, standstill.

The divine feminine energies have been at a standstill for some time now, as they have been impatient for changes.

Over the past few readings, we just noticed that they have been thinking about which general area they want to move in their future, and it all comes back to where they started and just like their counterpart, the divine masculine, they are ready for new beginnings with love and are ready to make the transition to start over again.

Heal Yourself Reading Cards, Inna Siegel Rockpool Publishing Sacred Destiny Oracle, Denise Linn Hayhouse Publishing

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