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This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners 3/3-9/2019

Surrender to the Divine


As Mercury begins to go into retrograde (it will be in Pisces), we can all feel the effects and these are part of the energy shifts that are going to happen this month.

The Divine masculine is starting to realize that it’s time to surrender and awaken to the inner truth that he has been feeling for so long and has finally given to the feeling of love; the Divine masculine wants to feel loved and give love.

Don’t let your pride get in your way


The Divine masculine has an enormous amount of ego and we have been seeing this in previous readings; it’s very difficult for the DM to come to terms with their true feelings and give in.

There are changes happening with these energy shifts as they are starting to create an opening to a portal of love. The DM is now starting to get it.

Have faith in your dreams


This is very important for both Divine masculine and feminine to have faith in their dreams but with the strength that carries them through these difficult times. The DF has been going through changes and this hasn’t been easy.

The DF has been hurting and even though they say they’re going to give up, they won’t because they know that the love is there and it will mean that they will never let go... but during the process, they may feel like they need to.

A time for healing


The Divine feminine is healing in different ways and transforming into an empowering person.

These changes must take place in order for the DF to realize that it’s time to let go of the emotional drama and start giving in to the love that they feel in their heart.

Transformation isn’t easy but it is part of the process while coming into a Divine union with both Divine masculine & feminine. They both are working together to find peace with each other.

The Cards that were used are the Moonology & the Soul Coaching Oracle cards.

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