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🔥TWIN FLAMES🔥DM Releases Ego💕Reveals Inner Truth 💕DF Don't give up 💕Union is near 💕

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners

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Taking a break

Trust your vibes

The energy in the past few weeks has been very intense for both divine masculine and feminine‘s. It can feel like a volcano that is ready to irrupt and is out of control. This is the time to take a break and trust what your vibes have been giving you, there may be messages and signs.

Listen to your feelings

Speak your inner truth

Keeping things inside is never good, and Divine masculines have been holding back, this is the time to speak their inner truth and express who they truly are to be their authentic self.

DM needs to stop running from their own feelings, and the energy now is starting to push them out of their comfort zone.

Don’t give up


It’s been a very frustrating and overwhelming time for Divine feminines, we’ve been seeing it in previous readings over the last few months, there’s been a lot of battles and up-and-downs with trying to get past their own issues.

This as a time not to give up on what you feel in your heart by focusing on balancing the situation. Looking at both the sides of a coin, your heart will lead you in the right direction but you must listen to what your Inner voice is telling you. Divine feminines need open their heart.

Detach from drama

Take a step back

This is a time to stop take a step back for both the divine masculine and feminines, detaching from drama can be a difficult challenge, especially when their obstacles are in the way from moving forward.

But when you take a step back and focus on the love, divine feminines will be able release the ego and start opening their heart to the truth.

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