Divine Masculine WAKING UP to the truth to start over - Soulmate Twin flames Reading

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on #love, #Soulmates, Twin flames & Divine Partners for the week 5/26- 6/02/2018.

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Anna stark

Soul journey:

Divine masculine is on a spiritual journey trying to find his soul path and he’s been at a standstill for so long but he’s been hitting rock-bottom of the past few months, he is not happy, and he is trying to come out and open himself to something more out there to new beginnings.

The divine masculine's energy can sometimes pull us down because of the energy of ego energy. Sometimes you may feel you are never going to get through this difficult time with your partner, but that’s not true because the divine masculine is now starting to look at everything by putting the pieces together.


The divine masculine is starting to see things where he hasn’t noticed before like I said he starting to awaken starting to open his eyes starting to see your inner truth.

Divine masculine basically is holding onto something that he’s never really acknowledge and he’s healing from with in and trying to move forward. There’s a message coming that if we don’t release what happened in the past, we can actually carried it into every love relationship, you’re getting a flashbacks from someone that maybe didn’t treat you good 10 years ago and you don’t even think about that person from 10 years, you’re actually caring on this negative energy. But this person in your life is actually helping you to realize it’s time to release surrender and find yourself.

Self love:

Divine Feminine doesn’t see things for what they are she wants to give up and she doesn’t want to start over again she’s not looking at her life and her productive way she’s actually doing the total opposite when she does the total opposite she’s rejecting her blessings and when I say blessings I don’t mean money blessings.

I’m talking about blessings with light blessings with love peace and prosperity. When you’re feeling like you’re neglected and you’re not getting the light from the person that you’re giving to them, well and you may let your self go.

Right now its time to start doing things for yourself, we are in at the beginning of summer or beginning of winter, it’s a beautiful time for new energies to explore and expanded.


Positive affirmations along with meditation and focusing on healing, to attract positive energy and creating balance that serves at a higher purpose in our lives this raises our vibration higher and strengthen our spirit. When we set a positive affirmation understand something we are proclaiming positivity.

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