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EXTREME POWERFUL ENERGY Shifts for Soulmates & Twin Flames - Love Reading 8/5

This reading is for the week 8/5-8/11/2018.

There have been some pretty extreme energy shifts that we all have been feeling since last month. It's going to continue throughout this month and possibly into September.

The Lion's Gate Cosmic Portal Gateway is on 8/8 and will continue until 8/12.

There is a New moon solar eclipse on 8/11/2018 so be prepared for major changes to occur with all Divine Soulmates and Twin Flames collectives.

Let go:

This card has been popping up in several readings and the messages are telling us over and over that we need to let go, we need to release, we need to surrender.

Now, many of us are still trying to understand what that maybe be, because we feel that we’ve already released enough for all that we already have let go and if there is something that we’re not doing correctly, what is it?

Actually, it could be that feeling that you’ve already let go but you’re not actually releasing, the Divine masculine wants to let go and this is something that influences him in a great way because he says I want to let go and I want to start over but how do I release and surrender? Now, we have been seeing this in several readings where the energy something comes up.

The Divine masculine is tired of holding excess baggage and needs to make those changes.

You’ve got power:

You do have the power and know what you’re supposed to do. Now, the Divine is telling you that you have so much power and sometime don’t realize that we analyze and open up our insecurities, that we don’t understand that we have the power but we’re not using it to work to the highest good. Now, the Divine masculine wants to move forward and though he wants to, he may be very stubborn and is dealing with ego.

Perfect timing:

Perfect timing for you to do what you would need to do in order to get yourself back on track!

Divine feminine: she’s going through changes herself, she wants to lay it all out on the table, maybe say everything that she feels, everything that she feels to someone although she has been holding back.

Sometimes it’s not ideal when it happens during Mercury retrograde, sometimes it’s not ideal to say everything but she’s planning on it, she knows when it is the perfect timing.


The Divine feminine: she needs to be assertive, she needs to come out, she needs to shine her light, she has been held back for so long that we’re seeing the Divine feminine put away insecurities and emotions but not negatively. She is starting to take the lead a little bit more as she knows what she wants and she’s going to get what she wants.

She is not going to stand for and just sit around.

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