DM Starts to Let Go of fear - Starting Over & Has Trust in DIVINE UNION - VENUS RETROGRADE 10/7

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twin flames & Divine Partners. Week 10/07

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Ground yourself:

The divine masculine has been scattered and lost. With Venus retrograde now in effect, Emotional energy

That it can have an impact on hold the divine masculine and feminine.

Especially when it comes to love relationships. This is the time to ground yourself and focus on what you believe in your heart i’m not second-guessing yourself. Grounding yourself to your inner truth and having confidence that you don’t have to be afraid to let go and be yourself. The divine masculine is doing that.

Let go:

Divine masculine has been going around in circles and it is coming to the end of an emotional cycle.

Letting go of emotional baggage and start moving forward is what the divine masculine setting himself out to do.

New beginnings is about to take place especially as we come into the end of the season, we are focusing on positive new energy.

The only way this can take place when you let go of dysfunctional energy.

Self sabotage:

Allowing love to enter in your life is crucial when it comes connecting to your divine Soulmate.

The Divine feminine has been self sabotaging love and when not allowing the fulfillment of your desires and dreams you are not allowing yourself to manifest love in your life if it’s a partner you’re with or someone you’re searching for.

Always sacrificing yourself and not indulging in what is in front of you can prevent you from finding happiness and love that you need in your soul center.


Trust in what your true heart is telling you, you know for a long time that you are doing things in your life that you may need to change and tweak up a bit.

Though you want to believe what is in your heart, your ego is constantly pointing out things that prevent you from actually trusting what your soul center wants you to live by.

Giving the benefit of the doubt and doing what your heart wants is the key. Whatever the situation may be as long as you keep your head up and positive outlook, things will work itself out. You just need to trust, have faith and believe The messages that you are being sent.

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