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UPDATE: DM Becoming AUTHENTIC Self - Realizes Soul Bond - Divine Union Twin flames Reading 12-16

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & all Divine Partners 12/16-22/2018

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message from the Angels.

Be authentic to who you are

The Divine masculine has been hiding and running from its true authentic self. Now that things are starting to open up energetically, the Divine masculine’s are beginning to emerge into becoming authentic and who they truly are.

Being authentic is all about hiding your true self and shining your light on what you truly believe in your heart. This will help bring back the love that you and your Divine partner need and return coming into a Divine union.

Look at your pattern in relationships

When you go through a relationship, there is a certain pattern that builds up and you start to expect the same thing as before. Divine masculine has been comparing the past situations with the current, preventing any spiritual growth with love and commitments. The Divine masculine is starting to understand that there are changes that need to be made and being your authentic self and looking at what he has been doing in order to make those corrections to move forward.

Spiritual connection

When you feel in your heart that this person is the one, nothing can change that. You know that there is more between you both that goes beyond a deep spiritually and energetically than what is on the surface. The Divine feminine recognizes the unique emotional energy that they have with someone. Although the connection may not be perfect or complete, there is definitely something growing spiritually and the Divine feminine knows that it’s time to acknowledge and open up the spiritual connection.

Act as if your partner is here

Many times, separation can happen in the best relationships; they can be either short or long period of time. The feeling of loss and missing a person can grow deep. This card is telling you to act as if your partner is here, no matter where you are at in your relationship. You need to focus on what you truly feel with your spiritual connection and with this person. The Divine feminine, as they acknowledge their soul bond, are starting to feel the energy close as if your partner was right there. This helps send positive Energy and focus on raising your vibration.

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