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The Twin flames Challenges with finding Love

The Twin flame soulmate reunion process.

Divine union process is very challenging, not to mention compelling that can be extremely confusing type of spiritual relationship.

I have talked about this topic in many of my other articles with soulmate connection bonds, twin flames as well as the phases that they go through in order to establish their energy connecting in harmony.

This is a true mystery why to people entering this world going have to through the many phases of cryptic, chaotic, unpredictable and not to mention scary from that one person that will never leave your heart.

Divine counterparts also go through the same phases as twin flames, trying to find each other in many difficult challenges and complicated situations.

It’s not that one type of soulmate is better than another. no one can explain why they have to go through these life lessons and tests in order to complete each other, this is all part of of master plan of the the divine and it is very magical reunion process.

That is destined to reunite permanently in this lifetime, however sometimes this can take time, years and sometimes decades before they do find themselves in harmony.

This is when they go through the most extremely excruciating emotional pain imaginable, but can change in a blink of an eye.

You may ask why does soul mates and twin flames have to be this way and why does it take so long?

I’ve been doing many years of research, I had to experience this very emotional energy before reuniting with my Twin flame.

Everyone’s situation is different but all have life lessons that they need to get through and pass before they can actually be reunited in this lifetime so their souls can become as one.

Some will go through more than one lifetime trying to achieve this and most soulmate and twin flames have karmic ties that they need to repair before they can find true happiness with each other.

As you may already know we have more than one soulmate. that sometimes we can meet a soulmate that actually mimics a Twin flame connection.

This deep soul bond may not be your twin flame, but they do share something very strong and powerful with each other, some has referred to as the first twin, twin contract or false twin.

Usually this person you meet at an early age.

Then come to realize when you do actually meet your twin flame that this person was just someone helping you prepare and get ready for the one.

Whether it be a soulmate Bond or twin flame, it’s never good to go looking for specific type of soulmate.

You need to let your mind and heart be open to everyone you meet but not looking at everyone as a potential life partner but appreciating the time you spend with that person, enjoying your life with people.

Sometimes we meet a soul connection, thinking that this person is someone that we have to be with, but unsure if it is love you feel or toxic energy and become codependent on this person when all this person does is abuse and hurt you (no one should ever be allowed to physically abuse anyone).

This is when you really need to look and examine what is truly happening here.

You are allowing someone to hurt the most vital and most important person to you - yourself!

In order to achieve higher 5D level you must first raise your vibration level higher and the way to do this is loving you.

You would never allow anyone to hurt someone that you love, like your children, parents, siblings, friend or anyone you love with all your heart, so why would you allow this happen to you.

Sometimes a relationship can start off difficult, but when their life lessons that needs to be learned, both can be hurting in many different ways and come to change to be the most beautiful and rewarding relationship you can ever have.

This is why when you start to love yourself first and focus on positivity, it will reflect on your partner that love is the key to any relationship, and it can be contagious too, the first step with anyone loving you actually starts with you giving yourself unconditional love.

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