Understanding separation from your Twin Flame

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I’ve been researching divine soulmates and twin flame connection for many years.

I have also met my Twin flame 16 years ago on the Internet. This journey that I have learned, is a very intense process but at the same time teaching me valuable lessons. Along with the ability to understand the divine soul connection on a deeper level to help others with Divine Soul separation (includes all Soulmates, Twin flames, soul twins, twin rays and karmic connections).

The merging of divine soulmates and twin flame connection can be extremely difficult; the separation is necessary in order for them to work on themselves separately and also simultaneously together, causing a feeling of despair and lost hope in one’s life.

This research in my own personal experience. I have learned that these things take place in order to help us gain knowledge in ourselves, but bringing both persons involved to a higher frequency, as one with our divine partner.

Twin flame separation

Sometimes it is not the right time for these soul connections to come to a divine union. Even if you are both completely aware of the connection, there is a spiritual plan and a divine time.

In the beginning, we are split into two from one soul center, then we find ourselves connecting throughout many lifetimes in order to merge as one.

When the both of you are on this earth together, there is nothing that will separate your souls from Uniting.

If you are currently separated and waiting for your twin to come back into your life.

There is not much you can do to speed this soul process along (I wish there was).

I found that being patient and working on yourself in different ways, will help with your spiritual center uniting together (divine Twin flame union).

Remember, there is no way to make them see or try to control the situation, this will only make them run because of their own fear-based energies.

There are many trials and tests that twin flames go through before they can come to a divine union. The need to awaken and work on themselves before this could actually happen.

When you both are separated.

It can be the most stressful time in your whole life. Try not to panic, cutting the ties will not work or trying to forget about them.

The Separation happened for a reason. This is a time for you to increase your soul connection to the divine, by raising your vibration higher, a time for healing and developing your spiritual gifts and love yourself first.

That when you do come to Union with your twin flame. It will be the most amazing experience you’ve ever felt ever!

You both can be the ultimate power couple and actually change the world (or make it better for you both), so the best thing to do is to stay strong for your divine Soulmate and never give up.

Remember you both mirror each other and can look in each other's eyes and see the reflection of your soul. Sometimes, this can be scary to see your soul looking back at you.

But this is mainly to help you both grow and develop so that both of you can awaken and ascend higher.

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