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🔥TWINFLAMES🔥DM Forgives & Takes a Leap of Faith❤️DF New Beginnings are happening ❤️Divine Union

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners

Take a break


Divine masculine’s are now starting to get it in order to transform into their higher self as they release past wounds and start taking it one step at a time. Taking a break is crucial right now for both divine masculine and feminine’s, as they both are starting to open themselves to new beginnings for love. It’s important to release and surrender any emotional conflict.

New beginnings

Share your voice

A new season brings in new beginnings and changes. As the divine masculine starts to open themselves to these changes, it’s time also for them to express their true feelings. As they start to share their voice, they are releasing the guilt, hurt and all that they have been holding onto for some time now.


Take the leap

Divine feminine’s also have been holding onto past wounds and get triggered very easily when they’re closed to the truth.

This is a time for the divine feminine to take the leap and forgive, not only to forgive someone but forgive themselves because they have done no wrong, this is who they are and it’s time for them to start releasing the emotional grudge and start listening to what their heart is telling them.


Trust your path

Divine feminine‘s have been going in circles trying to figure out where they’re at inside the relationship. It doesn’t have to be this way, trust your path this card is saying and the healing will begin. If you’re looking at the glass half empty, you are missing to see the beautiful blessings that are going to be given to you abundantly. This card is telling us to open ourselves to our inner truth, allowing Love to heal us from within.

Trust your path and don’t look back, it’s time to start living and let go of past baggage.

The cards that were used:

Power Goddess by Colette Baron-Reid

Work your light oracle cards

(Hayhouse publishing)

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