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Twin Flames: Why do Runners, run?

The dynamic energy changes with Twin flame Runner and chaser stages

When you first make contact with your Twin flame, something magical happens.

You are actually face to face with your other half. All though you both may not know what to do next. Twin flames know that this intense energy that they feel is drawing them both closer together. It is a magnetic surge of energy that's pulling you and your twin together. There is a beautiful and amazing energy that you feel, although one Twin may not be able to understand why they are feeling so drawn to someone that they don’t really know. This will cause them to run, because of past fears. When they do, it can create pain and heartache to the chaser, But knowing in their heart that they must convince and let the runner know that they truly love them. The runner and Chaser stages begin. These roles can actually be reversed and both twins can become runners. Why do twin flames run from each other?

Twin flame Runners and Chasers go through a series of transformations internally. It comes from their ego and their fear of failure. They need to love themselves in order to come into a divine union. Twin flames need to understand that there’s work that has to be done with themselves in order to feel complete. Twin flame Runners are not happy with running away, they are lost and confused souls. Chasers are trying to correct and help the runner find their way home, this is part of their life lesson to get through these tests to fulfill their life lesson. Many times when your Twin flame runs without warning and you have no idea of the cost. In your mind you believe everything was perfect in your relationship and that you did nothing wrong. Or they may also maybe have issues with committing, that the love is there but they cannot take it to the next level. There are reasons this all happened. it is a mirror of you both and it goes right back to ego-based energy. Showing you both that you both are not ready and that you need to work on yourselves. You both mirror each other and everything that you do influences your Twin. When you’re feeling anxiety about the situation wondering what you did wrong or why they are so distant. You have to understand that it all comes to divine timing when twin flames are brought to a divine union.

Twin flames Awakening

Not everyone wakes up at the same time, a spiritual awakening happens at a time without expecting it. When we go through a awakening we will start to understand everything that was unclear. Wanting to take responsibility for everything that we have never done. Where the runner may be afraid and not ready to stand up for themselves. This causes them to run and fail to acknowledge their inner truth. The runner can feel just as much pain as the chaser but tries to ignore it. They don’t know how to express what they feel so they just run from it but it’s never permanent. Twin flames runner chaser will come to an end as they come to the divine union. This is the time they both become stayers. This is not something that can be predicted, sometimes they will go through years being separated from their twin. Everyone’s situation is different and unique Soulmate and Twin flame Unions can never be predicted. We have to work on ourselves. Developing our spiritual abilities (we all have them) and learning to truly love ourselves.

In the meantime it is not meant to be unhappy waiting for your Twin flame to come to an awakening. We are sent people in our lives to help us complete our Soul purpose. We all have more than one soulmate, these are choices that only you can make when it comes to finding your divine counterpart.

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