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🔥TWIN FLAMES🔥 DM Realises Mistakes - Wants Union ❤️Changes & Miracles Happening soon ❤️

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners 2/17-23/2019

Goodbye to the old, Hello to the new

Bee Spirit

The Divine Masculine is slowly starting to let go of the past and start over while working on themselves and changes internally.

This is part of the new beginnings that are starting to merge with both Divine Masculine and Feminine.

Releasing and surrendering is a time of letting go of emotional drama and negativity. They both are working on themselves.

You’ve got the power!

Beaver Spirit

The Divine Masculine has been holding onto negative energy and excess baggage, as we’ve been seeing in the previous readings, DM has the power to release and let go, but it’s time for them to acknowledge and understand what has happened to move past it.

They realize that they have the power to do anything they put their mind too, by being firm and laying some firm foundation in their life.


Badger Spirit

The Divine Feminine is striking back and not allowing their energy to be taken for granted.

DF knows that the Divine Masculine is changing and they don’t want things to be the way it was in the past so they are being more assertive and being bolder and letting go of fear.

Patience, please

Cow Spirit