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🔥TWIN FLAMES VALENTINES READING 🔥DM is Open & Ready for Love & Changes ❤️Letting go & Start Over

This reading is for 2/3-15 it is a love reading focusing on Divine partners, including Soulmates, Twin flames, twin rays & karmic connections - Mercury retrograde shadow started on 2/2 and goes retrograde on 2/17.

❤️For one free question (limited time only)

Fear, look beyond the surface, new beginnings, love who you are.

Valentine's day is next week and it's a time to express love to everyone around you.

The Divine masculine energies are faced with fear with the love energy and it has been quite a challenge over the past few weeks.

Although they do know that there is something more beyond the other side, the divine masculine is seeking out a new change and beginning for something more.

They are learning how to love themselves and stop procrastinating on what they need to do.

As the influence of Mercury retrograde gets them out of their comfort zone, they will be applying changes in the way they think and in their actions throughout these next few months.

Fragmented energy, breakthrough new dimensions, transformation, clearing the excess.

As we approach Mercury retrograde, the shadow phase can have a bigger impact, especially on the Divine feminine energy.

They have been experiencing a spiritual transformation and as they see their inner child, they start to awaken on what they need to do to get things right.

The divine feminine is now starting to figure it out as they break through the outer layer and open their hearts to their inner truth.

It’s not easy for both divine feminine and masculine, but as work together to a perfect alignment. The divine union ascension begins!

The Quantum Oracle

Sandra Ann Taylor

(Hay House Publishing)

Whispers of the Ocean Oracle cards ~ Angela Heartfield (Blue Angel Publishing)

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