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Twin Flames/Soulmates: Union Signs

Twin Flames and Soulmates come into our lives to help us find our true path.

We do have more than one Soulmate (but only one Twin Flame), Not all are meant to be romantic partners or love relationships, many are soul companions.

They are sent to us to in order to create an impact or imprint in our lives. We share soul Connections with more than one, it’s never good to go searching and seeking for that specific type of soulmate that appeals to you.

I have a lot of people who come to me asking me about their Twin flame, when it is a soulmate.

There is a big difference and it is not the same, but though it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, it is where your Energy is leading you.

You may wonder what's the difference with a Soulmates or a twin flame?

This type of connection is different, but still falls in the category of soulmates. Twin flames is very powerful soul connection, and though it isn’t rare since we all have one, but some of us may not meet up in this lifetime.

The twin flame is one soul that was split up into two halves, that go through different life times in order to grow and explore their spiritual energy together.

Twin flame has both the male and the female energy of one soul.

This does not mean that they have to be the gender of male and female physically. They are the other half of one another trying to unite and merge together as one.

Although there are many challenges that twin flames face, they never disconnect, although physical and spiritual time is not in sync.

Sometimes it takes many years before they do finally get through their soul mission and complete the life lessons in order to come together as one.

Twin flames will unite when they are spiritually able and ready.

This is all part of the Ascension process with finding and reuniting our twin flame. Though they can be the total opposite of you and at the same time exactly like you in a different form. When twin flames come together in union they are in a higher vibrational energy to a 5D level.

Signs you meet your twin flame.

When they first meet there will be a feeling that is very compelling and unexplainable.

Though they may be very drawn to one another, they may not realize or understand that there is something happening between them two spiritually, only that they are extremely attracted or drawn to that person.

The communication is very strong and they can even finish each other’s sentences.

At this point they start to realize that there is some type of soul connection that they may not know what is exactly happening, but they know something is definitely magnetic.

There is usually a very strong magnetic and sexual type of energy that they feel towards each other.

Not to mention the SEX and intimacy is the most POWERFUL connection you can have with anyone!

Even if they are with other people in various types of relationships. Sometimes it may seem inappropriate for them to approach one another because of their situation.

You start to have this person in your mind 24/7 even though they may have not have been in any type of physical contact with you.

You both may have complete opposite cultures, lifestyles and even a big age difference. Also living in complete different areas of the country. Sometimes on the other side of the world.

When you communicate or meet up with that person, it feels as if you were coming home to a long lost time, that feels like a déjà vu type of feeling.

You both found each other while you were in junior high school and never forgot them.

But then went on with your life to find them again later.

Many times having your own family and them as well but connecting, as if everything feels complete.

You mirror your twin, with the same type of past issues and concerns. And also experiencing almost the same types of situations.

Many times living or working at the same place at the same time but not realizing it.

Twin flames can feel each other’s emotions. Many times they can feel when one becomes ill and the symptoms that they are going through.

You feel a magnetic energy that pulls you both together to come together and unite as one.

If The twin flames are in a runner and chaser phase, The energy may feel more intensified with trying to get back together.

Your family, friends and people in your life cannot understand the twin flame connection.

They may try to discourage you from being with this person if it seems like the odds are against you two getting together.

It can also be sensed by empathic and spiritual individuals. These people who can tune into this type of connection.

That they will be very supportive and help you both come together.

Overall people all around you both will see that intensity and that magnetic energy that pulls you both together. It’s very deep and magical.

You may feel as if this person is right next to you and trying to contact you although they are still living.

Having dreams and communication with this person in a sense that it feels almost telepathic.

There will be signs to prepare you both that there is a spiritual awakening about to happen.

Numbers will appear everywhere the most popular 11:11.

As I mentioned in a previous article, it will appear almost everywhere you go.

This is part of a conformation that is telling you the universe is working and bringing you both together in perfect harmony.

No matter what happens between you both, there is an unconditional love that will NEVER die down.

No matter how much turmoil and chaos you’ve experience with your twin flame, there is nothing that will disconnect this connection.

Twin flame connection are sometimes not the most harmonious of relationships.

Prior to reuniting, they both will go through a transformation with awakening and a type of releasing and cleansing their spiritual energy, many times with purging toxic feelings and emotions. That they may carry on with them for many years.

Twin flames need to release and aligned their energies to a complete balance and this usually means many tests and trials in order to get through life lessons, they both need to be ready in order to merge together as one.

Twin flame connection will change your life, and though you may ask yourself is this a blessing or a curse because of the extreme powerful energy surge they feel. It is a truly a blessing! You will know that your life is complete and fulfilling your soul mission with your other half.

Do you have a question about your Soulmate or Twin Flame? Click here

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