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❤️TWIN FLAMES & SOULMATES READING❤️Releasing past wounds & Seeing inner truth❤️Manifesting Union❤️

❤️Spiritual Love reading focusing on divine partners that include Soulmates, Twin flames, Karma connections and all love relationships that you are involved in.

Stand up and be recognized Seeing the true you Be reborn daily Come to life Everything that’s happening to you at the moment is all happening for a reason.

The divine masculines recognize and are starting to see their true authentic selves.

As they start to release dysfunctional and unwanted patterns in their lives, they are being reborn and coming to life. From fear to fuel Inner trust The thin, thin veil Release the dark wound, let love live

When you start to trust your intuition and what your guides are telling you, you start to release old past wounds that no longer serve a purpose, the Divine feminine is starting to find their true center by releasing the veil that separates them from finding their true happiness and peace they need in their life.

Let go of the fear and start over again, Putting out positive intentions and opening yourself to a new light.

Sacred Rebels Oracle Alana Fairchild Blue angel publishing

The heroes journey dream oracle Kelly Sullivan Walden Blue angel publishing

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