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This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners For 4/28- 5/4/2019

Let go, Choices

Decluttering energy is not necessarily meaning cleaning your house, but letting go of things that do not serve a purpose in order for you to move forward. The Divine masculine is letting go off unnecessary energies and making choices for the future. This is very crucial for the DM as they are starting to awaken to their own inner truth.

Healing, embrace the moment

Allowing healing to take place is very important for both the Divine masculine and feminine. As they start to understand themselves and at a higher frequency level, they are spiritually embracing the moment they have in front of them and are opening their eyes to their inner truth. The DM feels something isn’t right and starting to feel the moment as calm for them to release and surrender.

Let your light shine, believe

The Divine feminine‘s are starting now to believe in themselves more so than ever. This allows them to let their light shine, in other words they are starting to open up their hearts and accepting their inner truth, which is to start over again. This helps with balancing both DF and DM to come into harmony for divine union.

Grounding, new beginnings

The Divine feminine is grounding up. There’s been a lot of purging of energy with the DF as we’ve seen in the previous readings and now is the time to become more grounded to start over again. New changes are up ahead for both divine masculine and feminine.

Grounding themselves inside their own skin is the key for them to find their inner truth and is necessary for a divine union. It works both ways, they both need to be ready and they’re starting to prepare for new beginnings.


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