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🔥TWIN FLAMES/ SOULMATES ENERGY READING🔥DM Hitting rock bottom ❤️ Breaking the cycle of fear

This is has been a very challenging time for the divine masculines to make changes and start over again, the releasing and purging process can create chaos that causes them to run back into hiding.

As they release, they start to feel more confident that to make the decision to stop running, it’s part of their Soul journey. No matter how challenging it is, they are getting through it, especially now as we are in Mercury retrograde.

They know where they stand, it's all about clearing and opening their heart to the truth. Trust the process. This is what the divine feminine energy is starting to realize. At the same time, they understand what their heart is saying, all that in order for balance as they heal. Self-love is crucial for divine feminines & masculines!

As they start to let go of past hurts and old wounds, they can be triggered off by certain fear-based energies as well. As both divine masculine and feminine come together in a union, they start to balance their energies together.


Release the dark wound, let love live, Listening for truth, Faith in the process, Trust yourself. Cards

Sacred rebels Oracle Alana Fairchild – Autumn sky Morrison

Blueangel publishing

Look beyond the surface, empower yourself, inner desires, facing your fears.

Whispers of the ocean Oracle cards Angela Hartfield & Ekaterina Golovanova

Blueangel publishing

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