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This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners 5/5-11/2019

Don’t let your past hold you back & Truth

The Divine masculine is starting to let go of the past and open up to their inner truth. It’s been sometime now that they’ve been running from something internal, part of the running is not admitting what their true feelings and intentions are.

It’s time to release negativity & New beginnings

This is their time to start over and release the negativity so that renewal can manifest between both Divine masculine and feminine.

They are both coming to terms with their inner truth and releasing the negativity is the first step in order to find balance and becoming more grounded.

Show the world the real You & Spiritual strength

The Divine feminines are now starting to get it and feel the strength that they have inside themselves in order to become who they truly are and speak up what they feel and letting go of past grudges.

This is part of the strength that they have been carrying on internally and now is their day to shine and be who they truly are.

Believe in the impossible & Patience and planning

This is a time, as we start over again, to believe in the impossible, believing in miracles and manifesting your dreams!

But first it comes with patience and planning on what you truly want in order to succeed. The energies are definitely changing and forces are starting to merge together as one.

Work through your fears

For both Divine masculines and feminines, this is a direct message and in order for them to find unity with each other, which is necessary to come into a Divine union, they must first work through the fear-based energies that they both carry.

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