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Twin flames: Runner/Chaser – Coming into Divine Union

Twin flame Runner & Chaser stages can happen with all divine counterparts.


With Twin flames, they require that both twins be ready. As they start to merge as one. They’re working on themselves with eliminating everything that they’ve accumulated all of their lives. Life lessons they must learn. If they’re angry with themselves, it has to do with abandonment issues, anger, and fear-based energy from their past. They carry past old wounds as sometimes they have not been healed. This can create a huge conflict when they are entering into a union. They need to first come to our ascension energetically, weakening their souls with each other, in order for them to merge together as one into a higher frequency, which is the 5D level. TWIN FLAME SEPARATION? It’s very painful. As they feel that everything is lost, this is when they are the most triggered. They are detaching from one another to work on themselves.There can be negative and harsh words said to each other, many times out of fear. When Twin flames are separated, they feel severe emotional pain. As their spirit is compelled to each other, it’s a process of understanding as they navigate their energy together prior to the union. CAN THEY CUT CORDS? They will try to cut the cords and disconnect. But it will only hurt them even more as they find it impossible to disconnect. It’s better to cope with the phases versus trying to cut it off. There’s really no exact timing on how long the separation will last. No one can actually predict when they will finally come together as they both need to work on themselves. When you start working on your life lessons, the sooner the union will begin. As your Twin starts to feel your energy, you automatically send a signal that everything is OK. It can take several years before they finally find the union. I know this is very hard to hear but very true. It all depends on how much work you need to do on yourself to get past your life lessons. This will help your twin to ascension. HOW DO I WORK ON MYSELF? The first step is to love yourself. I know it sounds really simple but so true that many people don’t know how to love themselves. When you start to really love yourself, you automatically trigger sparks that your Twin will automatically feel. Twin flames cannot enter into a union.When Twin flames are constantly debating and arguing and it will prolong the union. This is why we talk about separating in order to work on themselves separately so that they can find their true spiritual path. HOW DO I KNOW THIS IS A TRUE TWIN? For one, if you have to convince or ask yourself this question. Chances are this is not your person or divine counterpart. When you do meet your Twin flame. You will instantly feel something change inside you and your life will never be the same. We are sent several different types of Soul connections to help us grow and evolve spiritually. Not everybody is going to meet their Twin flame, or Twin Ray. But it is “Your person” and who you were meant to share your life with. This can come from any of the Soul Connection Collective. Often referred to as your Soulmate, Twin flame, Twin Ray or eternal Soul connection. The runner is running from their own truth.When you first meet your Twin flame. It will feel as if you were looking into a soul mirror of yourself. It may be scary at first and you may feel like you’re on your honeymoon when you are with them. As they start to come together, they realize that they are facing their authentic true self. DOES A TWIN FLAME RETURN? You will always miss your Twin flame and look for them when they are apart from you. Many times trying to find ways to either speed the process or cut the ties. The stages are not about cutting off or speeding the process. But eliminating what is necessary in order to come to the union. If your Twin has narcissist behavior, this is often triggered by emotional fear and abandonment issues. TWIN FLAMES WORK TOWARDS ASCENSION AND AWAKENING. As they come into alignment with the higher selves, they find themselves feeling more alive and awake and then ever. When one awakens before the other. As I mentioned. Love is the key, meditation is also another key factor in order to connect Twin flames to their higher selves. Healing and feeling love is the first step when they begin to awaken. Ego plays a big part in triggering negativity and emotions bringing up internal conflicts. Raising your vibration is part of the reciprocation with their energies uniting. It’s all about letting go of all past wounds, meditation, love, and self-care. This will help with the transition of coming into the Union.

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