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🔥 TWIN FLAMES READING 🔥 Releases & Surenders Fear - Uncovers Truth ❤️ Preparing for UNION

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

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Coming soon Astrology charts & Meditation sessions subscribe to my newsletter for updates. Energy shifts over the last few days been off the charts for the DM, as they are waking up from old patterns. Letting go of fear and preparing for new beginnings.

The influences have been intense for both divine masculine and feminine energies and are more powerful than ever. They both know it's time to let go of ego and move forward, as they open their heart center. Divine partners are tired and realizing their inner power in order to get past the challenges in this journey, they need their love and strength to hold it together. It's been tough for divine counterparts during the pandemic. They experience Fear in different areas and it has taken a toll on them both. With Venus retrograde, they feel the energy of one another even stronger. T his is the time to shine and start moving forward. They are now starting to feel loved and opening up to a new chapter.

Cards used: Heal yourself reading cards Inna Segal Self sabotage, pride, healing, patience. 🌟

Divine animals oracle cards Stacy Demarco Sea otter, wolf, chameleon, cat.

Rockpool publishing

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❤️These are messages from the divine, take what resonates with you.

You may also want take notes of the messages or revisit this video. Many times we are not open to receive those messages but at a later time, they can resonate with us on a deeper level when we are open to receive.

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