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🔥TWIN FLAMES READING🔥Intense Energy shifts building up during Mercury Retrograde 2/16

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twin flames & Divine Partners 2/16-22 - Mercury retrograde starts on 2/17. This has been very intense for divine counterparts.

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Love yourself, trust your vibes, divine timing, balance

With the heavy pressure of work and day-to-day life challenges and your life not going the way you planned, the divine masculines are not completely submerged and loving themselves. When you fail to love yourself you are failing to trust your intuition and not allowing the love to flow through in a steady way.

The divine masculines are trying to balance their lives and how they can make changes. With Mercury retrograde almost here, they can feel the effects that they need to trust their vibes. Knowing that everything happens for a reason and it will manifest in divine timing.

Trust, clear your vibes, patience, love and accept yourself.

It’s a big message telling both divine masculine and feminine to trust their own inner wisdom in the guidance they are getting from above. The message is very clear for the divine feminine to clear their vibration from negativity and start loving and excepting who they are, from the flow of love to ignite the passion with them and from their divine partner.

Trust that God will get you through this, and have faith that it’s going to work itself out by believing in yourself!

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