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🔥TWIN FLAMES READING🔥DM Wants to start over ❤️Healing begins ❤️Have Faith Believe in Miracles❤️

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

This reading is a generalized Love reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners - Summer Solstice energy reading

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Beginnings & Clarity

Major changes are about to happen with both divine masculine and feminine. Divine masculines are becoming more aware, seeing a different side of everything and getting more clarity.

Divine masculines want to start over again as we’ve been seeing in the past few readings. They are planting seeds of love and starting over again.

Believe & Reconcile

Coming together within yourself is important for reconciling if there is distance between you and your divine partner.

Believing in yourself and what your heart is telling you is the key in order to reconcile not only with your divine partner to come together but also with your inner truth.

Healing & Strength

Divine feminines are putting more strength to continue to put the effort and start over again as they are healing from past insecurities and letting go of negativity.

This is a time that they are fighting your fears, as they are starting to open their eyes to the truth.

Faith & Action

Having faith is very important with all the love relationships. In order to have trust, you need faith and believe in your heart. Divine feminines are starting to move forward and take action, they believe and have the faith, but there is still more that they need to work on and this is part of the process with them finding the inner strength to move forward and come into a divine union.

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