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❤️TWIN FLAMES READING ❤️DM Surrenders Fear & Faces Truth❤️Lions Gate Portal Awakenings

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twin flames & Divine Partners.



Self-neglect is very common for divine masculines not focusing on what they truly want in their lives.

The divine masculines are realizing their mistakes, as we slowly come out of the Mercury retrograde and come into the Lions gate portal; it’s a time of surrender and rebirth.

DM know there’s something new about to happen and they are preparing for changes. Especially with the Lion's gate portal happening this week.

Take the mask off


When you’re not your authentic self, you wear a mask of someone you want to betray.

This is a very lonely place and because of fear, you become someone that you think you should be and who you were programmed to be but, in reality, you are a person that you don’t even know or like.

The DM are starting to see this and want to start over with removing the mask and coming to terms with the fear-based energy.

Say what you mean


Seeing what you mean and focusing on true love and that true love is through your self! Just like DM hide with the mask, DF is holding back and not expressing enough self-love to themselves, this prevents them from attracting and sending love to others around.



Healing and having faith can be a challenge for many of us, but when you focus on the love in your heart, it is easy.

Divine feminines know in their heart that this is part of their spiritual journey and healing can take time. Having faith in what they feel in their hearts in order to hold on to love is a huge part of their spiritual journey. It’s time to reflect and let go of past insecurities to start over again, just like the DM.

There is an energy shift about to happen with the soul connection collective, as divine masculines and feminines open their hearts to one another to make union happen.

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