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🔥 TWIN FLAMES READING🔥 DM Releases Past Regrets ❤️ Healing Begins & opening heart to Love

There is an awakening and transformation happening internally to both divine masculine and Feminine energies.

The energy shifts lately have been intense.Breaking free from old patterns to start over. The healing has begun, There is a memory of who you are and reveal the authentic self.Releasing certain energies associated with hurt, anger and jealousy, this is part of decluttering its secret space, internally and healing from past wounds.

The Healing process amplifies with manifesting miracles for all Divine counter parts (Soulmates & Twin flames).

The emotions are running high since the lion's gateway. it's a time to prepare for changes and take a step back to open inner truth.Changes and transitions are necessary right now for new beginnings to flow through as we flow through this new upcoming season.

Saints and angels – Doreen virtue - Hayhouse publishing Wise decision, healing, be brave, emotions.

Gala oracle cards - Toni Carmine Salerno - Blue angel publishing Remembrance, winters end, flame tree, purification ❤️ PAYPAL: VENO: @psychicann. For a limited time only, I'm offering one free question Intense energies with divine counterparts creating a deep emotional healing. DM putting more time and energy with having faith and trusting where their heart is being led. It’s not easy but they are starting to release the darkness that dwells from their past. Blocks are being lifted and opening a new door as the the energy shifts to higher vibration with divine partners. ❤️ Cards -Choices, letting go, honesty, trapped. Wisdom of the house of night - P.C. Cast & Collette Baron-Reid Potter style Crown Publishing Angel answers - Doreen virtue - Hayhouse publishing Forgiveness, trust, be assertive!, Perfect timing. ❤️ To book a reading session with me I offer Phone, chat and Email readings or

I want to thank you all so much for watching all my videos and I appreciate the support, and welcome all the new subscribers!

These are messages from the divine, take what resonates with you. You may also want take notes of the messages or revisit this video.

Many times we are not open to receive those messages but at a later time, they can resonate with us on a deeper level when we are open to receive.

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