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🔥TWIN FLAMES🔥ENERGY UPDATE READING❤️DM is tired & Ready for Change❤️DF lets go & opens heart

Full Moon (mercury retrograde shadow phase) Energy reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twin flames & Divine Partners 10/13-19/2019

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Change, balance, growth, beginnings

As we’ve been seeing so many energy shifts happening these past few months, the divine masculine realizes that things cannot continue this way.

They are ready for new beginnings and changes.

The divine masculine is also tired of running, we see a lot of breaking free and coming out with connecting to their higher selves.

It’s going to be a rebirth for DM‘s as they start to open their hearts for union.

Reset your energy, listen to your feelings, detach from drama, embracing change

The divine feminine energy have been putting a lot of pressure on themselves lately, so that they know there are things they need to release, they tend to hold onto energies that do not serve a purpose.

DF is starting to detach from the drama and they are also realizing it’s time to press the reset button with their energies.

Though they may have to get out of their comfort zone, they are starting to hear their inner voice telling them it’s OK and they don’t have to be scared.

Many new changes are about to happen for both DF and DM.

Card decks used:

Queen of the moon Oracle there's Stacey Demarco (Rockpool publishing)

Teen angel Oracle cards - Rita Pietrosanto (Blue angel publishing)

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