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🔥TWIN FLAMES 🔥Energy Shifts pulls down BLOCKS & BOUNDARIES❤️2020 Awakening & Transformation❤️

❤️This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twin flames & Divine Partners 12/15-21/2019

❤️Also check out my blog about the Winter solstice and how it will affect Divine Soulmates, Twin flames and love relationships.

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Awakening Meditation New beginnings Every storm must pass There are changes happening, these changes include many different types of energy shifts that both divine masculine and feminine are feeling. So much intensity is being circulated. Though it may feel as if it is harder, then it should be because of the length of time, distance and challenges that they both face. The energy is preparing for a new beginning.

This is a time to focus on yourself with self-care and meditation. Keeping yourself grounded and opening yourself to endless possibilities for 2020. Faith Speak your own truth Trust Self-love Speaking your truth is important, especially now as we prepare for a new decade 2020. It’s also important to trust and have faith into what your heart is telling you. There will be messages coming through and you must focus on your soul center, the first step to doing this is with self-love. Divine feminine and masculine are beginning to balance and find a happy medium! The holidays can bring a lot of joy but also sadness, be sure to do whatever it takes to keep your vibration uplifted.

Cards: The Vintage Wisdom Oracle Victoria Mosley US Game Systems Inc.

Teen Angel Oracle cards Rita Pietrosanto Blue Angel Publishing

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