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🔥TWIN FLAMES🔥 Energy Shifts Amplifying Energy Creating Healing & Awakening

The energy in the past few weeks has been very intense for both divine masculine and feminine‘s. It feels like a volcano erupting and out of control. It's time to take a break and trust what your vibes have been giving you, there may be messages and signs.

Keeping things inside is never good, and DMs have been holding back, this is the time to speak the inner truth and be their authentic self.

DM is regretting a lot of their past, they are starting to their mistakes, and it is pushing them out of their comfort zone. Both the divine masculine and feminines are starting to detach from drama, it can be a difficult challenge, especially when their obstacles are in the way from moving forward.

But when you take a step back and focus on the love, divine feminines will be able release the ego and start opening their heart to the truth. It’s going to be a rebirth for DM‘s as they start to open their hearts for union.

The divine feminine energy have been putting a lot of pressure on themselves lately, so that they know there are things they need to release, they tend to hold onto energies that do not serve a purpose. DF knows it’s time to press the reset button with their energies.Though they may be uncomfortable, they are starting to hear the inner voice telling them it’s OK and they don’t have to be scared. New changes are about to happen for both DF and DM.

Transform anger, listen to your intuition, practice positivity, experience rebirth Mystical healing reading cards Inna Segel and Jack Baddeley Awaken spirit, between the worlds, divine will, internal union. Sacred Power Reading cards Anna Stark Both decks by Rockpool publishing


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These are messages from the divine, take what resonates with you. You may also want take notes of the messages or revisit this video. Many times we are not open to receive those messages but at a later time, we can resonate with the messages on a deeper level. This reading is a love reading focusing on Divine counterparts (including Soulmates, Twin flames & all spiritual love relationships). My mission is offer these readings online free to help as many people on this soul journey, I hope these videos help you with your currant situation.

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