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❤️TWIN FLAMES ENERGY READING ❤️DM letting go of fear❤️Taking action❤️Opening to the Truth

I'm offering one free question for a limited time Cherishing self, coming into power, awareness, letting go.

The divine masculine has been at a standstill for sometime and is now starting to let go of emotional conflict energy this includes fear and doubt. As they start to become more aware and acknowledging how much more they are in control, changes are Coming!

An awakening is about to happen there is an inner voice telling them to take the next step the love in their heart, that it’s time to be stop running and become more grounded.

Taking action, embracing the future, power, truth Divine feminine starting to wake up, as they close the chapter of past negativities, embracing the future with truth and love. Releasing and surrendering is the key to divine union and opening the love that is within them.

DF has Felt defeated with regret, as they start to rise of strength and power, about to happen to both divine masculine and feminine.

Cards: Gateway oracle cards Denise Linn (Hayhouse)

Oracle of the angels Mario Duguay (Blue angel publishing)

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