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This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners 5/12-18/2019

Let go


Letting go is what the divine masculine is starting to do, removing the mask that they are holding in front of them from moving forward. The divine masculine is starting to open their eyes to their inner truth and find peace and light inside themselves.



An Awakening is a very big part of both divine masculine and feminine soul journey. As the DM finally releases and surrenders things that no longer serve any purpose in their lives, the awakening is about to happen. Release and surrendering have been ongoing for some time now; the awakening is about to take as they become more enlightened.



Many of us are empathic and we can feel the energy from others; the divine feminine, especially now, has been extremely sensitive to everything that has been going on over the last few months. They are starting now to take action to define peace inside themselves.



The divine feminine has been transforming into a higher level and then upgraded into a higher level of energy. As they start to transform, they realize they need to release the ego in order to find their authentic selves and form a unity with their divine partner.

Both divine masculine and feminine are feeling that unity is necessary as the energy starts to grow inside themselves.

If you landed on this reading and it doesn't match up to the dates, this reading was sent to you and is revealing a special message for you.

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Cards used

The secret Language of love Transmissions cards

Denise Jarvie

(Blue Angel publishing)

The Spirit Guided Oracle - Alex Levy

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