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This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners 2-24-3-2/3019

Release and Surrender

Open your Heart

With the Divine masculine energies, we have been seeing a lot of releasing and letting go.

This is all preparation for a Divine masculine to come to terms with themselves and open their hearts to what they truly feel and what they want. The Divine masculine continues to surrender and at the same time starts opening their heart.

Let your past go


The transformation that is happening with the Divine masculine, is part of the process. As they release and surrender, they are letting their past go and starting over again. This requires more energy on their part while digging deep and letting go of past ones that have been overbearing their heart from moving forward. The DM needs to balance and ground themselves, and it is all part of the transformation that they are starting over again. With Mercury retrograde at the beginning in the next few weeks, we are in the shadow phase of transformations and preparation.

There’s nothing to worry about

New beginning

The Divine feminine has been holding onto stress and worry, this has been making it very difficult for them to open themselves to love. There’s a new beginning that is about to take place with the DF and as they start to understand that there is nothing to worry about, they will soon welcome the new beginning and open their heart to what the Divine masculine wants to give them. There is reciprocation between both the DM and the DF.

Perfect timing

Take time to breathe

This is a time to let go of stress and take care of yourself with self-care. Everything is happening for a reason and it will all come together with perfect timing. Both Divine masculine and Divine feminine are starting to get it; they both start to understand each other and the energy amplifies even higher once they come to realization of how much they need each other. This is all part of the process and the work they’ve been doing on themselves.

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