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🔥❤️TWIN FLAMES AWAKENING & HEALING ❤️DM Opens Heart To DF❤️Lets go of EGO ❤️

This is a reading focusing on love & Divine Partners 7/21-27/2019. For a limited I'm offering one free question.For a limited I'm offering one free question

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Awakening Power

Awakening is happening right now for the divine masculines as they come into power and find truth.

This is a big breakthrough for the divine masculines and feminines. As the DM start opening their eyes to the truth and gain strength inside them self.

Believe Rebirth

The divine masculines have been running and now is the time for the rebirth to begin as they start to believe in themselves, trusting in the fact that they can start moving forward. Letting go of the past while excepting positive changes that are about to manifest.

Letting go Faith

It’s been pretty rough for the divine feminines, as they’ve been trying to let go and gain strength inside themselves.

Letting go but having faith at the same time is the key here, letting go of anything that does not serve a purpose and start over again with faith and courage to get through any tough situation.

More importantly believing on who they are deep inside, in the heart and admitting to themselves that they are not alone.

I am beautiful Healing

This is what build the divine feminines and masculines; they need to shine their light as they heal.

Focusing on the inner beauty is not just physical. The goal is to discover what they need to do in order to shine a light, spreading it all around them in order to come to divine Union.

There are going to be many changes happening soon within the soul connection collective📷️

Cards Used Magical times - Jody Bergsma Oracle of the Angles

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