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Twin flame shows signs of a Narcissist?

The Narcissist behavior pattern is very common among Twin flames.

Narcissist energy can happen with Twin flames and also Soulmates going through the Runner and Chaser phases.

When Twin flames are in the runner stage, they can show themselves off to be a narcissist. During the divine union reunion, there’s an energy that becomes codependent and narcissistic.

This energy flares up and it’s very common with the Runner and Chaser stages. It is part of healing and many times to show us what we need to work on ourselves to let go of energy that no longer serves us.

You ask yourself: Is my Twin flame a true narcissist? Or is it because I am codependent?

Many times Twin flames reveal themselves as narcissistic because of the emotional blocks they put up with running.

Also, Chasers can show signs of being codependent because they are leading their other half and can’t find them. But to truly label them as a narcissist, they are not.

When things are not going positive in a Twin flame relationship. People like to label it, but this is not the right thing to do.

Twin flames need each other and need to work on themselves but often show some energy of denial with hiding their true identity. It’s all about helping you heal so that you can understand what you both need to work on yourselves prior to the union. Life lessons with our Twin flame.

As soon as the narcissist behavior pattern starts, it is often to help us look at ourselves a little deeper in the mirror and love ourselves. You may try to disconnect or cut ties. This only makes things stronger because the soul needs one another, that they long for each other even deeper.

It’s never a good idea to cut ties with your divine counterpart. They are there to show you and help you grow.

A true narcissist does not have love in their heart or for anyone else.

A narcissist is self-involved and extremely egotistic along with being selfish. They can hold on and portraying what is called a God complex.

Twin flame runners may display this type of behavior but in fact, are not true Narcissists. Understanding their needs and opening themselves to what their heart is telling them. This is all part of the process with them working through old wounds. Twin flames are basically a reflection of each other.

Often working on their issues together, they may also portray a codependent behavior that is connected to the narcissist behavior as well.

This is a back-and-forth to one another at their old wounds and needs to attend to them in order for the healing to begin.

This behavior pattern does clear up as they work on themselves and realize with an awakening that their inner truth must be revealed.

This is part of the divine union as their vibration and frequency go from extremely low to extremely high. The key is to love yourself and focus on yourself.

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