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TWIN FLAME ENERGY UPDATE READING: Believe & Trust the Process - Union is Happening

This is a soulmate & Twin flame oracle update/reading for 8/19-25/2018.


The Divine masculine is trying to expand towards the future, we all have been seeing a lot of energy shifts throughout this month and it can be overwhelming.

There’s something very interesting going on with the Divine masculine, he is starting to see himself in a different light where he wants to expand forward in his life. He wants to start shining his light but there are also some things that he needs to correct, that he is still afraid to let go of his past and it has nothing to do with the things that he’s been involved with previously. He needs to work on himself.


The Divine masculine is starting to trust what his heart is telling him as he is trusting the process. It has been a long awakening process for him, to first acknowledge, understand and finally to accept his faith, his path and his journey… This is very rewarding for the Divine masculine once he gets to that point and level of acceptance and knowledge.


The Divine feminine is actually getting some courage to move up and stand up for herself. She is starting to see things without looking at illusion, without looking at things into such a drastic way. She is she starting to feel a little bit more alive and letting go of things. The Divine feminine wants more out of this relationship, maybe there is a part of her that just wants to say things like as we have been seeing in the previous reading; she wants to give up the past, she wants to give up what is been holding her down, with those rocks we talked about before with the stones in the backpack she wants to let go and open her heart to love.


Your love is trying to expand to a higher 5D level and it’s time to just start believing in it, this is the time to start believing in what your heart is telling you. It’s time for self-care and start opening your heart to yourself, taking care of you as you work on yourself, you are working with your Divine partner..

With the energy and with our souls center, like I told you previously, you may still feel or you may not feel that the after effects of what has occurred recently. If you are still feeling the energy shifts, it's a good time to go out to a park to get some fresh air, surround yourself with some trees as they absorb so much of the energy of the planet and when we just hug a tree or lean our backs against a tree or meditate near a tree, we are absorbing all that positive light.

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