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Twin Flame Energy Update: DM Healing & Open to truth - Fresh Start & Union with DF

Discovering truth:

Finding out things with truth can be surprising. These things have to happen, you may be hearing about it or realizing about something that is not necessarily what you want to hear but that you may need to hear. All that is calling out to you, that if you don’t listen to it, you may never find out what the truth that may be and guess what you’re missing out in a very important part of your life, because this is discovering the truth.

Choosing your path:

The divine Masculine is choosing his path and he starting to realize that he has not been in a good place for sometimes as he has been here for so long. He has been running around in circles and he is just going in the same direction, never finding happiness or ever finding the reason why he left, because he hasn’t been looking at his inner truth and hasn’t awakened; maybe if I start opening my heart and start realizing that instead of running from it, I can actually be happy.


There is a Transformation about to happen and the Divine feminine is transforming. Just as we have seen in the previous reading, its because she’s transforming, that she’s tired of the same thing over and over and I know I say this is a lot but you have to work on yourself in order for this transformation to happen, no the matter who you are.

The transformation is constantly happening inside of us as the physical body; it’s not like we look the same as we did 20 years ago on 30 years ago, we transform our spirit transforms as well because when we transform guess what, we are growing spiritually.

Staying focused:

We get preoccupied, we don’t pay attention to what’s around us, we tend to just know what surrounds us and we keep walking and not not pay attention and we do not look at ourselves, many times we are focused but we’re not truly focused.

She’s losing what love she has for herself, yes sometimes we end up going into a place where we don’t like ourselves, we’re not happy with ourselves. The Divine feminine tends to focus more on her appearance and the inner beauty; sometimes can get lost. If she is not happy with the way the mirror looks, sometime she neglects what the inner soul is telling her and that is mainly because she is not loving herself enough in order for her to shine.