Twin Fames Reading 7/22 - ENERGY SHIFTS - Lions Gate Portal: DM AWAKENING to TRUTH - Trusting DF

This reading is for the week 7/22-28/2018. Lions Gate Portal (7/26-8/12) Along with mercury retrograde (July 26 to August 19) the next day July 27th with a total Lunar Eclipse.

There will be many energy shifts happening especially for Twin flames, this a time to start seeing mangy changes (some good and bad), these changes are necessary to purge away negativity and come into a Divine Union.

Let go:

This Card is about letting go of something that you have been holding onto a little too long and it’s time to just release and surrender, as I have mentioned before.

The Divine masculine is letting go of the energy that is been deep inside and he has been thinking of everything from the past, trying to come out with a solution for it. The divine masculine wants to move forward.

Find your center:

It doesn’t necessarily mean all meditation, it’s really about internally getting to know yourself, getting to know that beautiful human being inside, that beautiful soul that is calling out to your higher self; that’s where it all starts and it all starts from within. If you don’t allow it to happen, if you don’t open up to that part of yourself, how will you ever see your divine partner for what she is or in that specific example because you are not your true self.


This card has a lot to do with what we all do to our souls, without realizing and not finding ourselves in a positive place. It is because we are not looking at how we are sacrificing love all the time, self-sacrificing positivity in your life and not thinking of yourself. It’s time to love yourself first and open your heart to love.


This card is telling you that it’s time to trust in the process, though it may not be exactly the way you want or you may be thinking of past emotional negativities, the Divine feminine wants to start trusting and opening up to a new beginning, but there is some fear-based energy. It’s time to let go of it as the previous card says to do.

As soon as you start to release and surrender, something wonderful happens. There is an amplified energy that just starts to magnify and when it happens, something beautiful happens.. the divine union.

Deck used - Spirit Messages Oracle cards by John Holland

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Cards in this reading - Spirit Messages Oracle cards by John Holland

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