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Is Divine union near?

There are many signs that occur when the union is about to happen for divine counterparts.

This includes all Soulmates, Twin flames, Past life, and Twin rays. But not all are meant to be long-term or deep love relationships. Many are just sent prior to meet “Your Person”.

As soon as they enter your life, there’s a deep impact. Yes, you can share more than one Soul connection with different people. The main thing is never to search out for the specific type that appeals to you.

The biggest question I hear is what is the difference between the Twin flame or the Soulmate?

The intensity may be the same, but there is a big difference between these connections. And it does not mean that one is better than the other, they all serve a purpose.

Actually, if you’ve never met your Twin flame, you can find happiness with your Soulmate.

Twin flames are different but still in the Soulmate Collective. Twin flame connections are intense because of their deep bond as being the other half of one another.

Not everyone will meet up their Twin flame in this lifetime. But when you do, your life turns around 360.

Twin flames are one soul split into two before they come into this world.

Twin flames share both the masculine and the feminine energies of one soul. Although they can lean towards both. It has nothing to do with the gender of being male and female.

Twin flame challenges.

This can be a very difficult process as many know and it takes time and working on yourself in order to achieve a proper alignment within your soul, prior to the union.

Twin flames come together in unity when they are ready.

The Ascension process is about uniting with your divine health. Many times they are the total opposite of you, but exactly like you.

The signs to recognize when you are meeting your Twin flame.

1. They feel very compelled towards one another upon first meeting

2. They can finish each other sentences

The communication is very strong and flowing right at the very beginning. They may not even be each other’s type but the communication will be strong. They may not realize it at first, but there will be an extreme energy attachment towards each other.

3. Strong sexual magnetic energy

Not to mention the sexual energy, the intimacy will be off the charts, more powerful than anyone you’ve ever encountered.

4. They’re on your mind 24/7, even if you have never had physical contact

You will feel their energy in your mind constantly. It’s almost as if there is a trance or hypnotic, which has nothing to do with magic but the energy itself is intense and magical.

5. Different cultures and locations

There can be so many lifestyle differences along with living in different parts of the world.

6. Déjà vu

When you first communicate or meet up, it will be as if you’ve known this person all your life or you lived some type of alternate universe with them.

A certain type of similarity that will be very intense but you can’t put your finger on how do you know this person?

7. Meeting up very young

You may have met when you were in elementary school but never forgot them. These are the typical situations with meeting up very young, going through life always having that person on your mind but never thinking you could ever amount to anything until they are both ready to find each other.

8. They are your mirror

You both will mirror one another. Down to the previous past issues you may both have experienced.

9. Twin flames Reciprocation

Twin flames will feel each other at a higher level down to the emotions of one another. They can also feel if one becomes ill and also mimic the same symptoms on themselves.

10. Magnetic energy

This is a magnetic pole that you feel deep inside your core. Prior to the union, many times separation is necessary creating the Runner & Chaser stages. This energy can go on for sometime before they do find peace and come together in unity.

11. Family, friends don’t understand?

Very common when Twin flames meet and they are totally the opposite of their types. Family, friends may not approve because of the opposites, and though it may seem very complicated, they are able to make it work. This is part of the challenges they face and must make certain sacrifices in order to be together.

12. Telepathic communication

Twin flames are able to telepathically communicate. Although it may not be the type of communication that is physical, it may be felt through visions, dreams, and sounds. Being attentive to these messages is very important when they’re in separation.

13. Feeling their presence

Their higher selves are continuously trying to connect with their other half. You’ll be able to feel your Twin even when they are not around you physically. This can happen at any time.

14. Signs letting you know to prepare

When you’re about to awaken, you will see certain signs.

The most common are the numbers, though there are many different numbers that signify that the union is near.

The most popular are the 11s and 1111, also 2222.

There are many different meanings behind numbers. But these numbers are definitely a confirmation coming from the divine that something is being worked on your behalf in order to bring the union into balance in perfect harmony.

No matter where you both are in your lives.

There is an unconditional love between you both that will never fade or disconnect.

The turmoil and chaos that you may experience with separation. In the end, it will be total bliss once divine union occurs.

Prior to reuniting, transformation awakens their souls and releases negativities while purging toxic energy and emotions.

This will help balance and bring a new life. This is when both Twins are ready to merge into divine union.

Yes, the Twin flame experience will change your life at 100%.

You may ask yourself if this is actually a blessing? Because of a powerful extreme surge of energy, both negative and positive, it is definitely a true blessing.

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