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NEW YEAR 2019 ENERGY UPDATE: Twin flames Clearing, Releasing & Healing to prepare for Union

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners 12/30-1-5/2018

If you landed on this reading and it doesn't match up to the dates, this reading was sent to you and is revealing a special message for you.

Watch this video completely to receive the

messages, also its great to take notes.

Face your fears:

This is a time of change and change means releasing and surrendering.

Divine masculine wants to move forward and cannot find serenity unless they face their fears.

The fear-based energy has been holding back the Divine masculine for sometime and now is the time for changes and opening up a new chapter to start over.

Releasing and purging anything that does not serve this purpose is the key to healing.

Battle of the blues:

Right now many people are experiencing the battle of the blues and this is very common, especially during the holidays.

The Divine masculine has been struggling with emotional stress and facing their fears in order to release negativity. This has really been a challenge during this time of the year.

Divine masculine has been emotionally challenged.

2019 is going to be a year of changes, for both Divine masculine & feminine. Battling the blues is the first step to heal and awaken.