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DM Releases & Surrenders to Truth - Confidence in Divine Union - Soulmate/Twin flames Reading 9/30

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twin flames & Divine Partners. Week 9/30-10/06/2018

If you landed on this reading and it doesn't match up to the dates, this reading was sent to you and is revealing a special message for you.

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Release & Surrender:

Autumn is the time to let go of past negative energies that you may be holding onto or any type of old past wounds. By letting go, you are inviting new beginnings and positive energy to flow through your life. Divine masculine has been going through some series of letting go by releasing and surrendering and he is starting to see that there is more that needs to come together, in balance with the Divine feminine for an union.

Opportunity to forgive:

This is the time for forgiving and letting go what is in the past. This is the season to let go of energies that do not serve a purpose and start welcoming new beginnings.

This is the opportunity to forgive everyone who has let you down and more importantly yourself! Many times, we don’t realize that we are not forgiving ourselves for things that we have done in our past and by not doing this, other people may not see the light and love that is in our hearts. This is the time to forgive yourself and let it all go, in order for the new feeling of love and light to enter into your soul center.

Have confidence:

Divine feminine tries to lift up the vibration and wants to stop feeling compelled to the fear-based energy that that she’s been holding onto for so long, afraid to open up and be free. We have been seeing a lot of fear and negativity that has been lingering on and exposing our insecurities to others like by example that love cannot shine around us.

This message is the tell you to have confidence in what you believe in and to believe in your heart, that you are worthy, that you are beautiful and amazing! Keep saying these things to yourself because it is so true, you need to have the confidence within yourself because you are a divine soul!


Being assertive is about being firm with someone but it’s also about what you believe in and standing for. It’s all about focusing on directness and not letting other people dominate you. Many times, there are people who try to take advantage and steal your joy. This card is telling you Not to allow fear of others to make you do something that you’re not comfortable with. But instead, have confidence and be assertive on what you truly believe in your heart. You will see a big difference with the way others treat you and how you feel and being relieved at the end.

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