Definition with Soulmates – Twin flames – Twin Ray – Karmic Connections

Is this my Soulmate, Karmic, Twin ray or Twin flame?

A very common question that I have been asked numerous times. There are more than one from the Soul Connection Collective. That has been confusing people more than ever, trying to find out which one is better and which one can they find to make their life complete.

I’m going to explain a little bit more on how to define Soulmates and Twin flames and also what they represent.

First of all, it is never advisable to go looking for a specific type. We are all brought into this world pre-destined to meet more than one Soulmate. But have only one Twin flame.

Not everybody is going to meet the same type of Soulmate, their Twin flame in every lifetime. Everyone is meant to be put together with their divine partner, whoever that may be. It just may very well be your Twin flame or another type of soulmate.

Although all Soulmates can mimic the same type of intense energy felt as with the Twin flame, you can still find contentment and happiness with living with your Soulmate.

But when you do meet you Twin, there will be no other that can ever come close to the intensity of energy you feel internally.

The Twin flame is actually a term to describe your other half. This person is your soul mirror.

That will energetically align with your mind, heart, and body. Twin flames are brought to us to awaken our souls center. Revealing to us who we truly are. Many times it’s very difficult for people to face who they truly are that they are not ready to come to a Union.

This will create a Runner & Chaser stage. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Twin flames are meant to work on themselves simultaneously to find what it is they need to correct and release.

If they are not ready, it will take longer than normal in order to get past their issues. In many cases years.

Twin Ray is another form of a spiritual connection.

Although it is not as popular on the internet as Twin flames, but equally as intense. This type of connection can enter in a person’s life without expecting, and usually when the Twin twin flame is no longer on earth or will not be ready for decades.

Many call this the true twin, especially when they are still working on themselves. Many people describe it as “an Angel just entered my life when I was down and now I can see”.

Compatible Soulmates can be just as fulfilling emotionally as the Twin Flame.

Soulmates can supplement our lives helping us to realize our mistakes and start over again. They usually share a very compatible energy that helps seal any emotional upset internally.

Karmic connections

These types of relationships are to help balance what is necessary inside of us internally. The karmic ties may sometimes be the most difficult and painful one to deal with. But can also mimic the intensity with Twin flames.

Many times, a Karmic is sent to us to correct something in our lives from a previous life experience that we have not released or heal from. This can also happen to your divine partner as well.

Karmic connections are not all negative, they are there to help us grow and realize more about ourselves and what we need to release in order to evolve spiritually.

Soulmates and Twin flames are all equal when it comes to relationship.

Although we’re not always ready and we all have to work on ourselves to get there. Meeting your Soulmate or Karmic before meeting your Twin is not a bad thing. Many times we have to go through life lessons to find our higher self.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same pattern of a relationship, repeating itself and never finding true love.

This is because you are continuously finding the same type of energy into the relationship to help correct and balance your soul center. Preparing you to meet your divine partner.

When preparing to meet your divine partner, it could involve bringing out the darkness inside of you, but you may have not realized that it existed. This was all to purge away a toxic accumulation of energy, in order to purify your souls center and align your spirit to be with your divine partner.

When you find that person that gives you butterflies and total bliss when you meet, don’t try to analyze or define what type of Soul Connection it is.

You will be much more content with the experience of meeting different people and learning more about yourself than you’ve ever realized.

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