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🔥TWIN FLAMES🔥DM Awaking ❤️ BIG Changes & Transformation as DM & DF Prepares for UNION ❤️

This reading is a generalized (Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine) energy update for the Divine Partners Collective. Focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames, karmic connections - 7/28-8/3/2019

Listening for truth

Unconditional love

Awakenings are happening now! We all begin preparation for Lions gate, opening up a powerful portal as the sun and sirius sync together.

Inner truth is being expressed with divine masculine and as they come to realize their true potential in life, they can see their authentic self while manifesting energies to a higher frequency.

Seeing the true you


The divine masculine is finally letting go as they see themselves for who they truly are.

DM wants true love and experience love, as we’ve been seeing in the previous readings, they want to start over and this is part of the awakening that’s taking a dramatic turn into their higher self.

Inner trust


When you shine a mirror to yourself, you can actually see not only your physical self but the true you, deep inside your soul center.

The divine feminine knows there are changes up ahead, although they are trying to figure out if it’s time to let go or hang on what they feel in their heart.

This card is telling us that the divine feminine’s need to pay attention to what their heart says and not what the fear-based energies prevents them from having trust.

Trust yourself


The divine feminine has deeper intuition and knows if there is something beyond what is on the surface of the situation.

No matter what it may be, if you’re involved in a relationship or feeling like you’re on hold with one, this card is an indication that it’s time to trust the process and focus on what DF know in their heart, it’s a time to trust into what you’re being guided to and your intuition is telling you.

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