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❤️DM Waking Up & Releases Ego❤️DF Heals 🔥Twin Flames Energy Forecast Reading 5/26❤️

This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners 5/26-6/01/2019

Love and accept yourself

Suffering in silence

Love and accept yourself is something we all should do but the divine masculine have been neglecting themselves and keeping to themselves, which can lead to a build-up of ego-based energy and waking up past wounds.

The divine masculines are starting to feel love in their hearts, although the fear may still cause them to run from their inner emotions. They are starting also to feel love and accept themselves internally.

Clear your vibes

Love begins

Clearing your vibes is the first step in order to attract love and put positivity in your life. This goes for both divine masculine and feminine. They both are starting to feel all the love is beginning to blossom but through their fear needs to be eliminated and this requires them to clear their vibes in order to come to divine union.

Open your heart

Rest and rejuvenate

The divine feminines have been putting a lot of pressure as we’ve been seeing in the previous readings. Reminiscing and thinking back on past events is only going to wake up past emotional wounds. Opening your heart to the truth and believing in yourself is the key to rejuvenating your soul center.

Honor your beauty


Honoring yourself requires loving yourself. The divine feminines are starting to realize their past mistakes and releasing ego to honor their beauty inside themselves, by taking authority on who you are believing in yourself and understanding that things happen for a reason. This is not a time for the divine feminine to blame themselves for any negative energies that occurred with their divine partner or trying to find out if my partner. This is all part of the process with internal spiritual growth and evolving to a higher level.

Loving yourself with all your heart goes for both divine feminines and masculines.

Cards used:

Angel prayers - Kyle gray (Hayhouse)

Psychic tarot Oracle cards - John Holland (Hayhouse)

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