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This reading is a generalized reading focusing on love, Soulmates, Twinflames & Divine Partners 4/21-27/2019


Let your past go

Having trust sometimes can be a big challenge, especially if you were trying to let your past go.

The Divine masculine knows that it’s time to leave things behind and start having to trust that things will work themselves out, their own insecurities create a barrier with opening their own trust and feeling secure.

Letting go of the past is what the DM is starting to do.


Change in direction

Patience is a big virtue and we all want things our way, especially when it comes to love.

The DM is starting to change their direction from running and also to find the patience that they need to be more grounded, in order to find balance with Divine Feminine.

Divine timing

Release and surrender

As we talked about having patience and how important it is for a union for divine partners.

It all starts with divine timing. By releasing and surrendering any energy that does not serve a purpose is a key with divine timing.

The Divine feminine needs to have faith and trust the process especially when it comes to love.

The Divine feminine needs to ground themselves and let go just as the DM has been doing.

Love yourself

Blessing in disguise

Loving yourself is the most important part with the divine union.

The DF knows that there are changes happening and those things are not going the way they want. There may be some things that prevent them from really feeling the love for themselves, this is all part of building their inner strength to love themselves.

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